A few of the great brands who have used our technologies:

Data Science

Waken boasts an in house data science team focused on finding and deploying solutions for boosting customer acquisition efficiency. Our super computers are capable of handling millions of requests per second and processing complex decisions in less than 60 milliseconds.

Growth expectations

When you hire a 3rd party team it's important to understand the value of the service your receiving. We naturally grew from building startups and our own companies to providing our strategies to VC fund portfolios and tier 2+ corporations. Too often, we find heavily funded ventures littered with poorly thought through growth processes.

Process rejuvenation

We've seen it one too many times, "leaders" in the ad agency world hiring rookie account reps to lead tier 1 clients to success? These hires and their superiors frequent cookie-cutter strategies and plop your brand name in. Standard banner ads, standard adwords, standard flyers, sub-par mailers, and drip email? It's not straight forward to build a business. How many times has your business heard the following "our SEO team will do better" or "your pay per click prices are just too high for us to do anything".

Your brand... everywhere

An estimated 60% or more of your average marketing budget is spent on ads that will never be seen or on fake/ fraudulent users. One of the most important aspects of marketing is to get your audience to see your message multiple times within a specific time window. On avg it takes 7 touch points to convert a new customer. Our scientific approach ensures frequency and recency across all mediums.

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